Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Birthday Party 1.2

Madisyn had party number 2 for birthday number 1 this weekend. It was another crazy one with tons of people in our house. But as Madisyn says, that means more presents. Thanks for everyone who came. Hope you had a good time.

Madisyn with one of her favorite gifts, an Elmo balloon...

Even better....CASH! Cash puts a smile on any girl's face I guess.


MORE CAKE! Mmmmmm......

Gavin came and finally got his Christmas present.

Running up those cell phone minutes to tell all her friends what she got.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

How Old is Madisyn?

Yup....1 year old! It's amazing how fast time flies. It seems like only yesterday we were just bringing her home. We can easily say its been the greatest year of our lives. It truly is amazing how something so little can bring you so much joy.

Just a little tiny thing compared to now (1 year ago).

My FiRsT pArTy

First came some presents...

and some more...

and some more (that by the looks she liked).

and EVEN more!!! Here she is with her Arizona State SunDevil horns. It's kind of funny because as she gets older and older, those horns seem to be more and more fitting (at times).

Here's the cake spread, kid's cakes and the grown up cakes.

Madisyn's 'SMASH' cake...specially prepared by Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jenny!

Except, to Dad's dismay...there wasn't much smashing! C'MON SMACK THAT THING!

Okay...a little messier.

Here's Lola having some of her cake.

But first she had to take off her cute outfit so she didn't get frosting on it.
Simon opted for the wooden blocks. Something about a better source of fiber. (He had some of his cake too)

Reese enjoying her cake. Reese...what's the dog say?

And CRASH! A long day, a lot of playing, and a ton of sugar meant early to bed.

Thanks to everyone that came to the party. We/Madisyn really appreciate all the great presents and the fun. Thank you SO much! Hope you all had fun!

Madisyn was so glad to see her friend Reese again. They had a great weekend. Lots of hugs...

And some fun in the bath. Actually there was some other things in the bath too. Click on over to Staniak's blog to see what else happened 'in the bath.'

This is from two weekends ago (I KNOW, I KNOW...I SHOULD HAVE POSTED IT EARLIER!) when we went over to Simon's to play with Simon and Lola. Madisyn loved to give Simon rides in his Radio Flyer wagon.

Here's the gang.

In the hair....nice!

Speaking of hair.