Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a great, long Memorial Day weekend. Lots of yard work and lots of fun (those two don't necessarily go hand in hand). Madisyn was a great helper as we tried to get the back yard in order for the summer. We got lots done and its starting to come together. Madisyn also met a couple new friends from the neighborhood this weekend which is sure to make this summer a blast.

On Memorial Day we went and watched the parade. We weren't really sure how Madisyn would do with all the sirens, but all the dogs seemed to distract her.

It was pretty neat seeing all the vetrans walk by. A good reminder of what the day is all about.

Madisyn getting into it with her flag.

There were horses....

And Shriners on a bike....

And even a dog humping a rocket.

Simon showed up too enjoying a piece of candy hurled from one of the floats (Hurled prolly wasn't the best word to use there).

Madisyn's favorite part....the dog Ollie she met.

Here's a couple pics from the yard work. Well...the breaks between yard work I guess.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A helping Hand.

With the nice weather comes that oh so fun yard work. Although...looks like this year we might have a helper.

Madisyn 'weeding,' although I think there was more 'dirting' going on than weeding.

...once she figures out this work glove thing.

"What do you mean figure it out....I've got it just fine DAD!"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Go Fly a Kite!

This weekend we decided it was time to try something new. The wind was up, the air was warm (fairly) and Dora was itchin' to take flight. So we headed over to Lola's Grandpa and Grandpa's house to try our hand at Kite Flyin.'

Madisyn (with a bit of help) got Dora off the ground in no time.

Everything seemed to being going fairly well....

...until Madisyn started to get a little freaked out about how high Dora was getting, and how she was "flying away."

So we reeled her back in.

But that was only after Grandma Dax was nice enough to watch Lola and Madisyn well Dad and Paul contined flying the kites.

Its pretty safe to say the Dads had more fun with the kites than the kids did.

Dora vs. The Flying Fish

Then the real fun began....

Paul (the novice) engaging in Operation Kite Rescue - Code named Flyin' Flounder.

Lola wondering what her Papa is doing with the tree trimmer.

Success. Mission Completed. And we only had to cut down 3/4 of the tree. JK.

Whoever knew $1.99 bought so much fun! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma.....err.....I mean the easter bunny!