Sunday, June 28, 2009


This weekend Aunt Sarah was home from Cincy, so she, Grandpa, and Grandma came up for a little cookout and get together on Saturday. Luckily the weather held off and we were able to enjoy some time outside. So good to see my little sis again.

Madisyn catching some wind in the big pinwheel Grandma brought her.

Madisyn in her favorite spot on the patio

Playin' some catch with Grandpa

Headin' out to the back 9 I guess.

I think it was about 23 years ago I was in a similar situation.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm at it again....

A million years between posts th. My bad. No excuses.'s what you all come to see...or used to come to see. Hopefully you still check in once in a while.

The Staniak's came to visit. It was so fun to see the kids playing together. Reese and Madisyn are two peas in a pod. I know Madisyn was pretty excited for Reesey and Baby Chase to come visit.

What a cute family!

I Scream....U Sceam.....

Class of '09
One of Madisyn's best bud Taylor graduated from High School this year. Last weekend we celebrated at his grad party. Madisyn made sure walked around to everyone at the party and show them a picture of herself and Taylor. It was pretty funny and quite out of character for the normally shy little girl. She had a blast and got to stay up way, way past her bedtime.

Madisyn and Aunt Susie

Aunt Cathy, Madisyn, and Aunt Susie

Madisyn even learned to play washers.....sorta.

Madisyn and Gramps

Mad and the Grad. Congrats T!!

Close Shave.
Madisyn's new thing to do in the bathtub is shaving. Her bubble beard that is.

A Day for Dad's

On father's day this year, the kid's (or kid's moms) 'constructed' a great breakfast for us dads. It was a nice, relaxing, tasteful morning. Always good to hang with the gang (Paul, Veronica, Lola, Frida, Adolfo, Jeni, Simon and Oliver).