Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alright! Alright! Enough already!

So... I wish I could say something like the dog ate the laptop charger, or the camera got run over...BUT...I can't. I apologize for the couple weeks with no updates. Madisyn has been on me to get new pictures up but its just been a busy couple weeks and hard to update between diaper changes sometimes. Its been a great couple weeks, filled with smiles and lots of goo goo and gah gah's. an effort to dig myslef out of worst blogger dad in the history of blogging, here are some pics from the last couple weeks. And I won't be another two weeks before there are more.

Here's Madisyn with Great Great Gramma Vi. Only a hundred year age difference. Lookin' good...both of you!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Walk-a Walk-a!

We all took advantage of the nice Wisconsin weather today by going for our first family walk. Sure to be the 1st of many.

Double Trouble.

Well, this weekend marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship (At least their parents hope so). Madisyn finally got to meet Reese in person. None of that instant messaging e-mailing blogging stuff - the real thing! The two of them made a pretty cute duo. Reese was so excited she even brought Madisyn a pair of cool leggings like she has along with matching onesies. Reese may be a bit bigger now, but soon enough Madisyn will be right there with her. The two of them had a great time and can't wait to hang out again sometime soon.

Madisyn can't wait until she has that cute little smile too.

This is one thing Madisyn can do just like her buddy Reese.

Our version of "Cribs"

Friends and family from a far.

The whole gang.
(Jenny, Ryan, Reese, Brian, Amie and Madisyn)

Aunt Courtney, Mom and Madi-cakes.

Hello Ladies.

Madisyn had another boy over this weekend. This time Noah came to visit. He did a great job keeping an eye on the girls along with giving us a taste of what we have to look forward to 11 months from now.

Reese, Madisyn and Noah

What a stud.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Screech

Madisyn had the chance the meet her Uncle Andy this weekend. That means she's now got to meet both Uncle Andy and Aunt Sarah. She seemed to take a liking to both of them just as much as they did to her.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Just sittin' around.


...and ASLEEP again.


Well I thought Madisyn and I were pretty clear on the policy of having boys over. I guess not. But...Jake was a great little guy and had some good pointers for Madisyn as she gets bigger. He was so much bigger than last time we got to see him. It was a great time. Thanks Roger and Laura for bringing him over to visit.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sweet Dreams.

Finally, we got one of the cute little smile of her's!