Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Eggin' was a while ago, but here's a quick little timeline of our Easter events:

We decorated Easter eggs.

Stickers went just about everywhere.....

...except the eggs.

We seached for Eggs.

Then we went to Simon, Oliver, Jeni and Adolfo's house for an easter egg hunt in the park. It was so much fun and luckily we have a really nice day for it.

The kids had their special egg finding glasses on and were rarin' to go!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"I need balls"

Surprise! Yeah...we're still here despite what you may think. Things have been crazy lately but with all the e-mails I've been getting I figured I better get something up here quick. That or I'm quickly going to find myself on the naughty list come Christmas. the munchkin at hand. So Madisyn made her dad very proud today. Dad was watching the Masters, and in the spirit of things decided today was as good of day as any for the clubs to migrate from the basement to the trunk. So Dad went downstairs and found the clubs under the piles of stuff that had built up on them over the winter and brought them upstairs. Right away...Madisyn looks at them and says "Golf Clubs." Bravo little one....1 point. Then she says she wants her golf clubs, which she promptly retrieves from the toy box. Point 2. She starts doing a little dance and banging them on the floor which makes me think...wait that's not right...then, only to think of her Dad in his younger years pounding his clubs into the ground..but that was in frustration. Hers was excitement rather than frustration. 3 Points . Then came the kicker which brought quite a laugh from the gallery (Aunt Courtney and Dad), Madisyn started walking around saying "I need balls, I need balls." Priceless. Most dad's wouldn't be proud of their daughter if they were prancing around asking for balls....but in this case....Dad couldn't be more proud. It's going to be a great summer!

(P.S. Thanks for all those who are reading this and have stuck with us through the drought.)

Madisyn sporting the pig tails. Hair's quite a bit longer since the last post I'm guessing.

Just a little pic or Riley...he's been a little bummed out by the lack of opportunity to run in the backyard due to the wetness. It looks like things are shaping up if he'd clean up his #2 from the winter, we'd be in great shape.