Sunday, April 20, 2008

Walk this Way.

Well, Madisyn has proven she CAN walk, the question is now is she brave enough to try it on a regular basis. I think she's getting more and more confident as each day comes. Here's some video of WobblesMcGint.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Were all starting to get better after our latest bouts with illness. Not a ton of new news. Madisyn continues to work on her walking. She's getting better and braver (if that's a word). She's been taking a few steps between mom and dad and just today we caught her practicing her balance in the hallway. More teeth are on the way too, leading to less sleep for all of us along with a consistent stream of drool from the munchkin's mouth. Hopefully we'll have some walking pictures soon! We'll work on it.

A plastic penny saved is....well, still a plastic penny.

Mmmmmmetal. We know...weird.

"Look Mom....No hands!"

Our favorite little sausage, trying to bring the brew crew good luck on opening day.


This is what Madisyn does now when you ask her to smile.

Just checking my wee-mail.