Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Double Trouble. was anything but. This weekend we were seeing double. And those doubles were the Wilson boys. As Mom (Meghan) and the family went to check out Brett's return the Titletown, Aiden and Brody came to hang out for the day. We had a blast watching the little dudes, and as a result have a new appreciation to those family with 2+ kids of the same age. Not due to any behavioral things, but just to the fact that one goes one way and the other goes the other. Crazy stuff. Like I said it was fun. Madisyn thought it was great to have two little guys in the house and was a huge help rounding up the rascals and helping out with diaper changes. Baked Mostacholi seemed to be a hit as you can see and in an effort to help out with laundry duties at the Wilson's decided to go shirts and skins. Can't wait to see you guys again!

The gang.


Brody keepin' clean.

Brody demonstrated he can already put shoes on......just not his own. Pretty funny stuff.

Brody blue pants as he was known that day. The only request I had of them coming over, was Mom dress them in distinguishable clothes so I could tell them apart. Come to find out there really is no mistaking the two at this age.

Yup....That's Aiden!

That's better!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick and Treats.

This year we decided to let Madisyn pick out what she wanted to be for Halloween. And after many trips to the costume aisle at Target she (with a little help from her parents) decided on being a Puppy. So...we had that part figured out, then when we asked her what she wanted her name to be. BoBo was the first choice from where we'll never know, but then she decided she wanted to be Riley. So Madisyn was Riley for Halloween. She played the part pretty well with a convincing bark and some very believable panting. Trick or treating went fairly well. We went around the neighborhood with Buzz (aka Parker) and did pretty well. It took a few houses to warm up to the idea, but after that she had it down. Although everytime we walked past a kid in a mask, she did want to go "uppie." So now...all that's left is eating all that yummy candy. Or bringing it to work. We'll see.

Getting ready for a big day....

Madisyn especially liked "Shakin her tail"

Madisyn's heroic sidekick Parker....I mean.....Buzz Lighter Space Ranger!

Not bad for Madisyn's first real pumpkins.