Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Hat, Simon Says, and Madisyn Potato Head

New Hat.
The other day we were heading out into the chilly Green Bay night, so I went to Madisyn's pink winter hat on. "New Hat" she says. Umm....okay I thought. So...what's in the closet.'s packer hat. "Do you want to wear this one" I asked? "Yeah" So...the Packer hat it was. Must have had something to do with the thumping the Packers put on the Bears this last weekend. I guess Madisyn was just feeling a little hometown pride. That's okay by me. Go Pack!

Simon Says.
"Pizza Pizza." Tonight we got together with Jeni and Simon and went out for pizza. It was fun...we had good pizza, then they came over to play for a little while. It was pretty funny trying to get the two of them on the chair for a picture. Its funny to see them actually both get onto the chairs by themself. It seems like just the other day we had to 'arrange' them for pictures. Its true...they do grow up fast.

I'm pretty sure Simon's thinking "You got to be kidding me."

Madisyn Potato Heads.
One of Madisyn's favorite new things seems to be wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses. Despite them being a bit too small. I guess there's really nothing to fear, unless of course she starts to try to store them in her bottom.

What Mr. or Mrs. Potato head would do for blue eyes like that.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wedding Bliss!

Last weekend we packed up the old family truckster and headed down to Genesse Depot (near Waukesha) for Amie's cousin Alexandra's wedding. It was a very beautiful wedding. A few too many missed turns for my liking as well as those passengers and followers but we made it, and we had a blast. Here are some of the highlights from the dance floor.

Madi x2 (Madisyn and Amie's cousin Madelyn)

Gramps showin' off some moves

Madisyn doing her best to keep up to Gramps.

The two most beautiful girls there!