Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The rest of the weekend....

It was a nice long weekend, to sit back, relax, and have some fun.

Rockin' it at Celebrate DePere.

Some tunnel time at Simon's. (Madisyn was finally brave enough to give it a shot.)

In search of the right sunglasses for Mexico.

What about these?

Popsicle time. Mmmmm.

And finally, making mommy proud, Madisyn made her first basketball shot. Up to this point she's got a career 100% shooting percentage.

A Sad, but Loving Goodbye.

This memorial day weekend started off on a sad note as we said goodbye to Great Great (In Madisyn's case) Grandma Vi Friday night. She was a super grandma and will be missed greatly. We're all glad we had as much time with her as we did. And being 102 we had plenty of good years with her. It's crazy to think that there was 100 year difference between Madisyn and her Great Great Grandma.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekend Retreat

Its been a while since we were able to see friends Jenny, Ryan, and Reese so we planned a get together in Racine this past weekend. We all had a great time especially the little girls. We met up at Apple Holler just off the highway, a place we've driven by countless times since being kids. It was fun to see the goats, rabbits, llamas and donkey, but I think as Ryan said, we were there "off season."

Then it was off to the harbour (harbor) to have lunch and just catch up. The mom's talked, the kids ran around, and the dad's had a few beers.
Dad...you finished another one.

Sunday we stopped by the outlet malls where all of us made out pretty well getting the necessities for Mexico in a few weeks. Madisyn even got into the shopping spirit, lucky for us she doesn't have a credit card yet. Not that it matters though.

Madisyn making goofy faces in the car

Lastly, we stopped in Milwaukee to have lunch with Uncle Andy and Aunt Sarah. Sorry...no pics, but it was some yummy pizza.

Also, Madisyn decided she likes her ASU SunDevil horns she got for her birthday, and now wants to put them on whenever she sees them.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Catching up.

Where's my big hat?
We watched the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Madisyn went crazy when she saw all the horses. It was pretty hilarious. It might have been the two sippy cups of mint julips though...who knows.

Nap time on Madisyn's 'stay home from daycare sickday.'

Last weekend we celebrated Simon's first birthday. It was a blast. Madisyn was pretty interested in what Simon got and volunteered to help try things out if he needs help.

Madisyn LOVES to color and draw now. Thanks to Simon (Jeni and Adolofo) for the party gift of crayons.

Here's Madisyn at her table drawing agian. She really seem to like it. She seems to go thru paper pretty quick. Dad was a little disappointed that she looks to be a right hander. Oh well.

More drawing.

Here's the gang at Simon's 1st birthday party. We all had a great time. Free wagon rides thanks to Simon's Uncle Fredrick and Grandma Harkness.

Simon's friend Liam trailing behind the little ones on the chopper.

Madisyn doing her best "Ben Hur"

The new 1 yr old himself - Simon.

L. O. L. A. ~ Lola.

The gang together to celebrate Veronica's ____th birthday!

Happy Birthday Veronica! Great monkeybread cake!!