Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting into the Xmas Spirit

Holy Hair Batman. Yikes. The world can now see Madisyn's bedhead. This was the morning after St. Nick came to visit. I think Madisyn was a fan. She got a Mikey Mouse, Mickey Mouse's Christmas, some Playdoh and a bunch of other things. I guess she was a good girl this year.

Why am I up this early again?

That sunday we decorated the tree. It was so much fun to have an additional helper this year. Even if she wanted to put all the ornaments in the same spot. Mom took care of spacing them out.

Auntie Courtney came over to help. That or just wanted some Egg Nog.

Madisyn helped dad with the light situation. She even figured out why they were blinking.

The final result.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


...for Pyrex, Bingo and RockBand. Just kidding....well, kinda. But most of all we're thankful for family and friends. (I know the Thanksgiving post is way behind, but whatev!) We had a great thanksgiving with tons of fun and even more tons of good food (even if we did have to watch for glass shardes). Here's a glimpse of the day.

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble up all that good food!

The tragedy. When the favorite potatoes were set down on the stove to cool, the Pyrex dish exploded. After much discussion and careful inspection of the tots, the crew still braved the glass for their beloved potatos. Well, we scraped what we could off the top. Delich!

B-7 I-18 N 27. BINGO!

A new tradtion, BINGO began this year. And it seemed to be a crowd pleaser. Well....until the first winner (Taylor) wasn't old enough to collect his prize. Don't worry T, we'll take care of ya!
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes went to Court, Grandma Schultz and Great Grandma Schultz. Good Stuff. The 'booby' prize of the night, although I think it could have been renamed, went to ME. Woo Hoo.....a half drank bottle of tequila in a sketchy looking bottle.

DUDE!...what's with pose Brian. DORK!

Appearing live this Thanksgiving - "Tryptoband"
So then it was time for new tradtion number two.....Rock Band!


Whit on lead vocals

Gina on Bass

C-Bizzle on gee-tar

Who's that hot blonde on the mic?

R.I.T. (Rockstar in training)

Madisyn and Great Gramps (and Wally Wabash)

A few cheerio's to end a great thanksgiving. Please pass the gravy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Way behind.

Once again I've dropped the ball. My bad. I guess I'll all I can do now is as Carl Lewis did and try to make up for it. I know...its an uphill battle but here's a start.

A while back Lola (and Paul), Simon (and Jeni), and Madisyn (Brian, Amie and Courtney) went to the 'lighting ceremony' down on Broadway St. It was....cold to say the least. But the kiddies did great. They even went to their first art opening (as far as I know, Jeni and Paul can correct me if I'm wrong.) at Vacant. The kids loved seeing the horses and the live window displays were....well, kinda awkward. All three of the them did great and seemed to have a good time.

Contrary to what you may believe, these actaully are our kids as opposed to 3 kids from the 1920s.

"Serious guys....they're lights...I mean....C'mon on! It's freezing out here!"