Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hola Amigos!

Yup...its been a while as usual...but we've been resting up from the long, but GREAT trip. Madisyn's officially a world traveler now. The trip to Mexico was a hit. Despite the iffy weather, we all had a great time. All the people at the resort were great with Madisyn. If I only had a peso for every Hola Nina I heard. It was hard to leave...but hopefully we'll go back sometime. Madisyn wants 'more.' Ha.

Checking out Madisyn's First airplane.

"I flew in yesterday and man are my arms (and the rest of me) tired."

What a view.

Um.....I don't know about this!

"Higher Daddy!"

La Palapa, the great restaurant we at downtown. Beats Carl's Jr. huh Whit?

Madisyn and her great buddy for the trip, Taylor.

View from our room. Not too bad.

Madisyn loved the pools, but was terrified of the sand, and not a real big fan of the ocean. I guess I don't have to worry about getting her a sandbox this summer.

Then only 'sun' we saw the first 5 days!

Even Madisyn got in on the Drinks....she loved the Daiqari's



Siestas! Nice!

Is that actually the sun!?

La Famila