Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our little Leprechaun!

Here's Madisyn on St. Patrick's day showing off her hat she made a daycare. I guess she loved it so much she wore it around all day. I think she's even got a pot of gold hidden under that shirt!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, since we last chat, Madisyn's moved up into the Dalmatian room at her daycare. It's pretty exiting because now she starts using the potties. Which hopefully will be a quick transition. She's been doing pretty good at going at home, still not telling us when she has to go, but when we ask her if she wants to 'Go potty on Dora' (Dora is on her litte potty seat) she usually obliges. Although she hasn't been a fan of going #2. But we'll work on it. Speaking of number two, and daycare, Madisyn surprised us with another little tidbit of her own the other day. Since moving to her new room she's been seperated from her 'boyfriend' and longtime daycare buddy Hayden. She still talks about him a lot and actully has referred to him as her boyfried. But just last night Madisyn informed us she has 2 Boyfriends now. Whoa whoa whoa little girl. Back this train up. I know your 2 now, but if you were 22 Dad would frown upon such actions. I haven't really seen how to handle this one in those parenting guides so we'll have to just go by the seat of our pants. But Dad is definitely going keep an eye on this one. 2 Boyfriends?! I mean....who does she think she is....the Bachelor (Or Bachelorette I guess it would be)?

Anyway, here are some pics fromt he last month. Madisyn's birthday MONTH has officially come to a close. I'm pretty sure she's gonna think she presents the whole month of Feb. now. Thanks to all those that have celebrated her birthday with us over the course of the last month. We really appreciate it!

One of Madisyn's newest favorites things to do is help cook. Here she is in action.

Here she is Making 'Birthday' Pizza on her real Feb. 11 birthday!

"Another birthday cake! Wow, this is AWESOME!"
Too bad it really wasn't that awesome to her, the DQ ice cream cake was a bit too cold for her liking. She instead celebrated with 12 M&M's most of which she put in her mouth at once.

Here we are getting ready to go to Disney on Ice. Minnie in hand for the show!

Here's Madisyn debating "Do I go with the $10 Cotton candy, or go for the $12 SnoCone"
I wasn't totally aware I'd need a second mortgage on the house to attend this thing. Just wasn't too bad. I mean....the cotton candy did come with cheap plastic ears:)

The show was actually pretty neat! Madisyn loved it when Mickey and Minnie would come out, so much she almost flailed out of mom's lap at one point.

Oh boy...nice hat.

Madisyn sitting with 'Baby Gabe' at yet another birthday soiree.