Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodbye 2...Hello 3!

Happy Birthday! The terrible two's are history. Its smooth sailing from her on out right? So far so good (Only if its been one day). Happy birthday little munchkin! We love you little squirt!!
- Mom, Dad, & Riley

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The last of the 2's

Tonight is Madisyn's last night of being 2. Tomorrow's the big day...and probably one the biggest for our little munchkin. Its crazy to think how fast time has gone. 3 years since that little one blessed out lives. I can't imagine life without her. Its so funny to see how excited she is for her birthday too this year. Supposedly the Happy Joe's pizza party is all her and her friend Simon can talk about at day care. Here's to hoping it lives up to the hype. In any case, it will be a blast, but kinda sad to think she's already another year more grown up.

This last weekend Madisyn got to meet Baby Jack (Amie's cousin's Son). She was actually the one to get him to stop crying too. She really enjoyed the time with the little guy.

Stay tuned to see how the birthday celebrations go!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bowl-a-thon! game I mean. This weekend we ventured out to the lanes for Madisyn's first bowling extravaganza. Team Berggren's vs. Team Mellenthin (Dave, Penny & Parker) in the first ever Bowling Battle of the Block. Not really sure who ended up winning....or outlasting...the battle. But what I do know is the kids had a blast. First thing this morning Madisyn asked "Can we go bowling agian." It was so funny seeing how independent the kids were. How they wanted to carry their balls, line up the ramp (which btw is a brilliant bowling alley invention) and I'm pretty sure they would have even kept score if we had the old fashion score sheets. Then after those 10 full frames of fun, we headed to Sammy's for a little pizza. A great end to fun weekend.

.What concentration!

A little help from the pro. Golf might be my thing...but bowling looks to be Amie's (The winner of the day)

Sweet kicks! Even came with the freaky bowling alley spray stuff in 'em.

That's a big ball. 7lbs to be exact.

French fries seemed to be a highlight of the day.

Bowlin' Buds.