Thursday, January 22, 2009

Long Lost Post.

And I was doing so well....for a week at least. Anyway, it won't be long, and it wasn't lost. I just didn't do it. But here's a couple pictures from the last couple weeks. Just being goofy, new pjs, and some just being cute.

I don't know for sure, but I think these might the Dr. Seuss signature series.

Here was the Happy Birthday Courtney Party/Surprise Birhtday Party Cathy party. Hope you guys had fun!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sleddin' (& Eatin')

"Going for a new, amateur-recreational- saucer-sled land-speed record...Madisyn R. Berggren"

Daddy almost dumpin' her. Nice. What a daredevil.

Someone found the deliciousness of that little thing called snow.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How'd I forget.

I guess somebody was a good little kid this year. Man...Madisyn made out! Here's what awaited her Christmas morning. I promise this is the last of the Christmas posts too. I can't believe I forgot Christmas morning. I mean really...what kind of blogging parent am I.

Madisyn opening Pluto or "Poo-toe" (Ugh...that's kinda gross)

Gangsta isn't she!

A Dora robe!

...and a Dora Blanket to go a giant little pink chair.

Wow....a bit of a better Christmas looking back at last year. That was not fun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Christmas.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we celebrated Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma Berggren, Great Grampa & Nana, Uncle Andy and Mandy, and Sarah (via iChat) the weekend after Christmas. It a nice relaxing day with some great food and great gifts.

"There Uncle made the blog"

Opening Sarah's present via iChat

With her baby from Grandma

Feeding the baby

The last supper...

...or December 26th, 2008. We had a little get together with Simon, Adolfo, Jeni, Baby Garcia2B, Lola, Paul, Veronica, and Baby Dax2B. It was fun. The kids exchanged gifts. Madisyn made out with a Palm Pilot and a TuTu. What's better than that. We had good food and better company. Plus Brian, Paul, and Adolfo discussed all the new found joys of homeownership. Stuff like Co2 detectors, Radon tests, Ice shoves and like. I bet you wish you were there!

What a crew! They're so big now.

More Christmas...

Christmas day we stopped by my Aunt and Uncle's for a bit to celebrate with my side of the family. Filled with Taco Roll-ups, stocking's from Uncle Wirehead and the always popular Hungry Hungry Hippo. Oh yeah...and some DELICIOUS peanut butter balls. Mmmm.

Hx3 with Aunt Judy, Jess, Gavin and Madisyn. Madisyn was pink of course.

Madisyn and Baby Gabe

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve we ventured down to Appleton for a celebration with Amie's side of the family. It was a great, 14 bottles of wine kinda time!! Many thanks to everyone for making it worth it that we have a decent sized SUV, and here's to thinking we should maybe get something bigger for next year!

Madisyn's own 'Rock Band' guitar

Shake it like a salt shaka, shake it like a salt shaka!

"Theses peppermint spoons from Crate and Barrel are delicious!"
(Shameless plug for Aunt Sarah and Uncle Andy's store)

C is for cookie!

So...I'm a bit behind on the Christmas postings... here we go. Before Christmas Madisyn made some cookies with Grandma and Grandpa. She seemed to really enjoy it. See if you can figure out what her favorite part was. More Xmas posts to come...

"These do taste good!!"

That's a lot of cookies!