Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crossing the Border.

First off...sorry for the delay in new postings. Its been a busy coulple weeks. This past weekend Madisyn made her first journey out of the state of Wisconsin. We packed up and headed south down to Bear country for a visit the Staniak's (among other friends). Madisyn did a great job traveling and slept the whole way there and back. Below are some pics from the nice extended weekend.

Resse was a great friend in sharing all her toys gladly with Madisyn.

Here's Madisyn in her new hat...

...And here's Reese in her new hat...(mom's couldn't resist getting a matching set.)

Reese showing Madisyn what to look forward to when she gets a little bigger.

Awwwwwweeee....What a cutie!

And again.

Here's friends Noah and mom Sabrina. Noah can't wait for the arrival of a little brother or sister.

What up dude!


"What!?! All gone."

Girls will be Girls. There was a little goofing around...

...And A LOT of good times!

Can't wait to see everyone again! Thanks Guys.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

There's been a lot of new mom's that have come into our lives over the last year. Happy 1st Mothers Day to all them from the Berggrens. And Happy Mothers Day to all the more experienced mom's out there too.

Our first mothers day was a nice, relaxing day.
Here's Madisyn and Mom catching a little nap in the afternoon.

Madisyn enjoying some time in the Rainforest.

Mom was still napping, but Madisyn and Dad watched the end of the golf tournament.
Never too early to start working on that golf scholarship.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Holy Pictures Batman!

Okay, enough of the funny stuff right? Back to the star of the show! Here's a look at some of what's up since the last post.

Madisyn in her Bumbo chair
(Paulie, that links for you bud!)

"Tastes like Chicken!"
Looks like she's already learned something from her new friend Simon.

Simon Garcia

Double Trouble

"Don't tell mom and dad, but I hid another diaper rag under the chair"


"Hey...who does your hair?"

"Did somebody say WALK?"

"I make stripes look GOOD!"

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Oh Please No.

After seeing this...I was pretty frightened as to as to what my daughter's first words may be. It definitely made me think twice about using curse words when something doesn't quite go my way. However, as I thought more about it, the idea of Madisyn managing properties at 14 months and bringing in a little added income didn't sound too bad. Be warned...this video uses some bad language, so if you're watching it at work or in the presence of your own little one, you may want to turn down the volume.

The Landlord