Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Da Bears Country

This past weekend we loaded up the old family truckster and headed down south of the boarder to visit the Staniaks. It was a great weekend as usual. The girls played together, the moms talked together and the dads drank together (a little). Ryan even learned a bit about the Ryder Cup. It happened to be the weekend Chase was being baptised, so we ended up with quite a feast on Sunday before the drive home. Good Stuff. One of the best parts of the entire weekend was sitting with my fellow Wisconsinites (Ryan's Fam) watching a house full of bears fans lose in OT. (Yes I know the Packers loss too). Here's some pics from the weekend.
A quick bath before the trip.

We started the weekend with a trip to the Cosley Zoo. It was a really nice little zoo. The perfect size actually. The kids got to see the animals, and we weren't there all day.

Ryan was really excited to show the girls the ducks.

Ha Ha. Gotcha!

Madisyn checking out El Burro

Reese checking out a couple of horseys.

Oh dear!

Sorry I didn't get any closer. I was scared. I mean seriously....what do they feed these rabbits. That thing is as big as Riley!

Yeah I know Madisyn's pose is a bit sassy...Don't know if she was trying to show off for Chase or what...but it was the picture that she was smiling.

Chase Patrick Staniak. Chaser. C-Patch. C-Pup.

The girls in the double stroller going for a walk. Man there are a lot of no outlet streets by your house.

The girls kindly offered to babysit Chase well the Moms and Dads went out for a dinner and drinks.

And then there was the photoshoot...

Reese was excited. (I guess Madisyn is just used to it.)

Picking flowers...or weeds...or rocks.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here's Looking at You!

On a recent trip out, Madisyn wanted to try on some new glasses. I wonder if this is how Elton John started.

Oh and the princess wearing her crown. That or Madisyn doing her best Statue of Liberty impersonation.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Go Pack Go!

With all our blog friends wearing and bragging their bears clothing, how could we, up in the land of the frozen tunda and cheese, not come out with our own. So here's Madisyn wearing her Packers gear....and celebrating Mr. Rodgers and his Lambeau leap. Brett who!? (Kidding Brett...we still love you.) So here we are...after week one...atop the standings with that team from Illinois....setting the stage for a big rivalry game! HA.

A little nervous at the beginning.....I mean....all I've ever known is Brett Favre!

TOUCHDOWN! Wooo Whooo!!

Watching the game with friends Paul (not pictured), Lola, and the cheeto providing Adolfo.

Oh...and just a cute pic on a rare occasion where Madisyn let us put not one, but two hair thingy's in. For a little while at least.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beach Bums.

It wasn't this past weekend, but here are some pictures from a weekend when we went up the beach. For all those who knew about Madisyn's beach fiasco in Mexico (not wanting her feet to touch the sand, and crying when they did) she did much better. This time she walked on the sand saying 'hot' 'hot.' It was a great beach (where Madisyn enjoyed busting sand castles), and even better water. Fairly warm, no weeds, and not very deep at all. Perfect for the little rascals.