Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It's been just about 2 weeks now that we've been home from the hospital. Everything seems to being going pretty well. Case has been keeping himself busy doing some eating, a nap here and there, and pooping. And more pooping. Man...I forgot how much babies poop. And pee. The rest of us are getting pretty used to the little guy being around. Madisyn has been an awesome helper despite thinking its a bit gross with all the dirty diapers, and I think I agree. Riley has taken up to sleeping right next to the Pack and Play. Amie's doing well, feeling better I think than she did with Madisyn. And myself, I'm starting to get used to the additional "plumbing" down there that gets in the way of the changes. Here's a few pics of the last couple weeks. Not too overly exciting...but here ya go.

Looks thrilled to be getting his picture taken. Get used to it kid!

Getting out of the house for a walk.

Our super duper not so little anymore helper.


Jenny Staniak said...

Love that there is a blog update and pictures! Of they are both so sweet. Can't wait to see them!! Keep the blog rolling!

Cathy said...

Great new pictures!

Cathy said...
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